Large Authentic Imported Sicilian Cart for Sale

This large imported Sicilian Cart was constructed and hand painted by Costruito Da Badalamenti Giuseppe in Partinico, Sicily in November, 1979. (This information is on small plaques attached to the cart.)

The illustrations painted on the cart are important historic events which took place in Sicily and are meant to keep in memory the turning points of local history. This cart, drawn by a horse, was used during the Louisiana World’s Exposition held in New Orleans in 1984. It has also been used for weddings and various other festive occasions. In Sicily they were originally built to carry goods and objects to town markets across the rough terrains. Carts like this date back to the mid-nineteenth century.

Authentic Imported Sicilian Cart

The Sicilian cart is always painted with bright colors such as yellow, red, green, orange, gold and silver. The four-footed animal, usually a horse or donkey, which draws the cart, is adorned with feathers, plumes, red fringes and golden trinkets, cowbells and brightly colored fabrics.

Today carts are mostly found only in museums, in parades and small replicas are in souvenir shops.

Measurements are:

Length (tip of hitch rails to back of cart) 11 ft. 8 inches
Width (from tip to tip of extended axle) 6 ft. 2 inches
Cart floor (inside to inside) 3 ft. 6 inches
Cart floor (front to back) 3 ft. 10 inches
Wheels 4 ft. 2 inches
Hitch rails (tip to rail to front floor) 5 ft.5 inches

Price: $35,000

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